Microsoft mobile apps

Millions of people use Windows Mobiles all over the world and if you wish to reach this audience you will require a Microsoft mobile app developed. The main devices using Microsoft mobile apps are Windows mobile and Nokia. While Windows phones currently have a minor share in the market, there is about 60 million Windows phones in circulation. The total number of mobile Windows OS users is just under 300 million. Many business owners underestimate the size and potential of this market. In 2015 […]


Ios app development

Did you know that there is about 700 million iPhones and 338 million active iPads used worldwide? Building an IOS app would allow you to reach over a billion mobile Apple device users. Apple is clearly a very successful and rapidly growing smartphone making company with ever increasing sales, meaning that the number of devices your IOS app will be able to reach will increase each quarter.


Android app development

We are very glad to see you on our website reading this page. If you made it here it means you are looking for Android app development options! While we alwaAndroid mobile appys recommend to build across-platform mobile app so you can target the whole mobile app usage market, rather than being limited to users of a particular mobile brand, developing an Android app is a good start!


Mobile app development

Today having a mobile responsive website is not enough. If you want to ensure you make the most out of the mobile searches, you will need to build a mobile app. Giving your project to a company with a team of specialised mobile app developers like WeAreApps will ensure a smooth process, great mobile app design and a high quality end product you will love.